What are the functions of educational technology?

Submitted by frndzzz on Thu, 09/16/2021 - 14:29

Some points on functions of educational technology are given below. So let know more about details about technology in education. 

Some functions of educational technology are:

  • It helps in performance improvement
  • It Improves information function
  • It also improves calculative function
  • It improves concept development process
  • It helps in development of interest, attitude
  • Improvement of teaching and learning
  • It enhances the goal of education
  • It assist in giving training to teachers.
  • It also helps in development of curriculum
  • The modern technology reduces the overall cost in the classroom. 
  • It reduces the expenses by providing digital content in classroom. Technology contributes to the reduction of educational cost.
  • It analysis the teaching learning process and improves the quality of education.