What are the characteristics of computer?

Submitted by frndzzz on Sat, 01/29/2022 - 19:19

Major characteristics of computer are speed, accuracy, diligence, reliability, versality, storage capacity, automation, quick decision, multitasking, memory and more. 

Some characteristics of a computer are:

  • A Computer works at a much higher speed and efficiency than humans in carrying out complex tasks.
  • A Computer is capable of processing millions of instructions every second.
  • Some computers are high-speed; they open programs in less than a few seconds, depending on the program's size.
  • With its incredible speed, a computer can quickly reduce the time taken to do a digital task.
  • Within microseconds or nanoseconds, a computer can give your output.
  • Computers are very accurate and can work for a more extended period without making any mistakes.
  • Every calculation made by a computer is accurate. It rarely makes a mistake.
  • The accuracy of a computer is highly consistent. The degree of accuracy depends on the type of processor and instructions given to the computer.
  • Computers can perform repetitive tasks without getting tired.
  • A computer is free from fatigue, tiredness, monotony, lack of concentration, and it can work for hours without creating any errors.
  • A computer can perform millions of calculations with the same accuracy.
  • A computer can perform multiple tasks with the same accuracy and efficiency.
  • A computer can also perform many of the same tasks in different ways without losing its speed and accuracy for a longer time.
  • Computers can do many tasks, ranging from simple mathematical calculations to highly complicated calculations.
  • A computer is a highly reliable machine. It gives exact and consistent results if we share the same inputs several times.
  • Computers can handle data more quickly, efficiently, and with fewer errors than manual work.
  • A computer is an automated machine. It can work automatically without any manual intervention after giving instructions.
  • Computers can perform routine tasks automatically with the help of task schedulers and other programs.
  • Computers can store large amounts of data easily and quickly.
  • A computer can store large amounts of data in an appropriate format.
  • Storage devices such as hard discs, SSDs, or external devices store data.