What are the advantages of ICT in education?

Submitted by frndzzz on Thu, 09/09/2021 - 11:31

Some points on advantages of ICT in education are discussed below. So let us check out some information to know more about ICT in education.

Some advantages of ICT in education are:

1. Cost Efficient -

ICT helps the school to save money by reducing training and development cost of the school staff. Training material can be stored, shared and distributed online which reduces extra expenses. Video materials and video conferencing for training can easily reduce travel cost. ICT is a cost effective tool to communicate and easy to use platform for teachers and students. It helps in the reduction of educational cost.  ICT tools for learning are affordable.

2. Improves communication between teacher and students -

Information and communication technology enhances  and supports the delivery of information. ICT helps the teachers to interact with their students in the classroom. Students can easily share their feedback and doubts using ICT.

3. Improves Engagement -

ICT in education improves engagement and knowledge retention. ICT is integrated into their courses which helps the students to remain more engage into their work. ICT in education boosts engagement resulting in better information retention. Students will be able to retain information more effectively and efficiently.

4. Collaboration -

ICT tool in education allows effective collaboration. This tool connects teachers and students. Teachers can create online collaborative groups to communicate with students and their parents. Teachers can share study materials and lessons through this groups. Collaborative group encourages students to work and learn together to study and explore the subject.

5. Improves productivity in classroom -

The proper use of ICT in teaching and learning increases the educational productivity. ICT strengthens the teaching and learning skills, it increases the productivity of teachers and students. ICT tool helps teacher to create more "learner-centric" learning environment in the classroom. The process of teaching and learning becomes easy using ICT which boosts the creativity and productivity of teachers and students.

6. Better teaching and learning methods -

ICT helps to provide more and better educational content. ICT increases learner motivation and engagement by providing acquisition of basic skills. ICT tool enhances teacher training and ultimately increases the quality of education. Technology based teaching and learning in classroom helps students to learn more. Students remain engage and understand the lesson better using technology. Online teaching help you save both money and time. Online courses using technology helps students to learn concepts fast and easy, it saves money spent on traditional methods. 

7. Supports teacher and students -

ICT tools helps students and teacher to communicate in a better way which was not possible before. It supports teachers and students to discuss assignments, study material and doubts in most effective way.

8. Innovative teaching and learning procedures -

ICT in classroom uses innovative tools to facilitates students learning experience. Students remains engaged and enjoy the learning with the help of new tools. Integrating new technology into the school teaching enhances learning process. Students can stay up to date about information and new content with the help of new tools.

9. Enhance interaction and motivation -

ICT tool in teaching and learning enhances interaction and motivation among teachers and students. Students show more interest in learning and hence commitment towards study improves. ICT tool such as interactive whiteboards and smartboards boost learning experience in the classroom. Students remains motivated during studies because of Innovative ICT tools.