What are the advantages of internet in education?

Submitted by frndzzz on Sat, 09/11/2021 - 12:15

Some points on advantages of internet in education are discussed below. So let us check out some information on its advantages to know more about internet in education. 

Some advantages of internet in education are:

1. Cost effectiveness and affordability -

Online courses saves money and time, typically students have to pay lesser in online education. Students can learn from any place and any time, it is more cost effective than traditional education. Students can search information related to exams and research work at free of cost.

2. Engaging and motivating -

High speed internet and technology encourages students actively engaging in studies. Internet technology in a classroom creates a more engaged environment. Students remain busy and motivated because of easy and free access of online study material. 

3. Improves quality of education -

Internet helps to provide education through videos and web series which is affordable and cost effective. Internet increases opportunities of learning by allowing access to information, knowledge and educational resources. Internet provides relevant and quality content which enhances the quality of education

4. All students have direct communication with teacher -

Internet is a powerful tool of communication in schools and colleges. Internet has made the communication faster and easier. Teachers can share important information and study material easily using internet access. Students can clear doubts and connect with their mentor easily using internet.

5. Effective teaching and learning tool -

Teachers can post their study materials, important notes and assignment using website and internet. It is one of the important teaching and learning tool. Internet based learning connects teachers and students which improves quality of education.

6. Convenient and easy way of learning -

Internet makes learning easier, it keeps you updated about relevant information. Students and teachers can share documents easily through websites and forums using internet. Students can study from their home and learn new concepts easily and effectively. 

7. Participate in group discussion -

Internet encourages freedom of speech and allows people to share their views and ideas. More number of students can participate online during group discussion using internet. Teachers can connect to their staff and students during group discussion. 

8. Flexible timing -

Students can watch online lectures and study online material anytime and anyplace. Online learning is flexible and time independent. 

9. Access to information -

Internet is one of the biggest source of information. Students can search the information, study material easily and effectively
Almost all kind of educational material is available on internet.