What are the advantages of computer in education?

Submitted by frndzzz on Sat, 09/11/2021 - 06:22

Some points on advantages of computer in education are discussed below. So let us check it out some information to know more about computer in education. 

Some advantages of computer in education are:

1. Saves cost 

Computer saves the operational cost in education. It also helps to cut the cost of paper in schools. Installation cost of computer in school and colleges may be high but in long run it saves extra expenses. Computer boosts productivity and reduces hours spent on administrative tasks.

2. Improves students performance -

Computer technology enhances student learning and achievement. It allows students to help each other and study together for better understanding of course material. Students can score better in mathematics and reading with the help of computers. It helps to improve student learning outcomes. 

3. Quick communication between students and teachers is possible -

Quick communication between students, teachers and parents is possible using computers. Teachers can share study material to their students using computer. Teacher uses power point to prepare presentation about their lectures to improve quality of teaching. Student gets latest notification about next lecture on their mail with the help of internet and computer

4. Students can work learn and collaborate with other people -

Computer supports collaborative learning. Students can learn via social interaction using computer or with the help of internet. Using computer schools has the ability to reach more students. Students can work learn and collaborate with other people on internet using computer. 

5. Help them to engage with their school work -

Computer improve the learning process and basic skills of students. Computer influences students engagement. Innovative educational applications and programs in computer keeps students busy with their work.

6. Enhance creativity and thinking skills -

Computer enhances creativity and thinking skills of students. Students keeps on searching new things and learns new information with the help of computer. Designing computer related tasks improves students learning and promotes creativity.

7. Quick access to information for research -

Instant access to research and information is possible with the help of internet and computer. Computer can be used for online education and research activities. Students can prepare for their assignment and exams using computer and internet. 

8. Better presentation of information -

Computer helps better presentation of information in schools and colleges. Teaching and learning experience improves if study material is easy to understand. Proper presentation of study material improves quality of education. 

9. Easy to store information on computer -

Students and teachers can save educational material in computer. They can also store the study material on cloud and internet using computer technology. Easy to access stored information for research work using computer. Quick data processing is possible with the use of computer in education.