What are the Characteristics of Road Transport ?

Submitted by frndzzz on Tue, 01/16/2024 - 17:17

Characteristics of Road Transport are :

  • Road transport is suitable for transporting high-value and low-volume goods.
  • Road transportation is suitable for smaller and more costly goods such as high-end smartphones, compact electronics, jewelry, luxury accessories, etc.
  • Road transport efficiency depends on a well-maintained network of roads and highways.
  • In road transport, distances are generally shorter, which promotes regional and national distribution over international trade.
  • It has faster transit times and more instant transport, which makes it perfect for just-in-time delivery services.
  • Road transportation is less affected by natural waterway constraints and more affected by road conditions, traffic congestion, and weather conditions.
  • Many road accidents occur due to traffic density and other road dangers; however, modern safety rules reduce these risks.
  • Road transport is more expensive for long-distance transport due to higher fuel costs and tolls, but it is cheap and convenient for shorter routes.