Advantages And Disadvantages of Water Transportation

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Advantages of Water Transportation

Low cost

Water transport is cheaper than other forms of transportation, such as road or air transport. Water transport is less expensive to build and can be operated with low operating cost. Water transport is more efficient, reliable, flexible and more environmentally friendly than other methods of transportation.

Ease of use

Water transport is very easy to use. Ships and boats can navigate through narrow waterways and reach ports located far away from each other. 


Water transport is very efficient and can carry large cargo over long distances. 

Low environmental impact

Water transport has a low environmental impact compared to other forms of transportation, and water transport does not produce emissions that can harm the environment.


Water transport is a very safe mode of transportation, and ships and boats are less likely to be involved in accidents than other forms of transportation. 


Water transport is versatile for various purposes, such as transporting goods, people, and animals. 


Water transport is often faster than other forms of transportation.

Disadvantages of Water Transportation

1. It takes longer for water transport to deliver goods than other transportation methods, such as air or rail.
 2. The cost of transporting goods via water is often higher than other methods. 
3. Weather conditions can affect water transport, which can cause delays or cancellations. 
4. Water transport can be less efficient than other methods in terms of the number of goods transported per trip.