Problems Associated with Solar panels

Submitted by frndzzz on Tue, 07/06/2021 - 23:43

Some of the problems associated with solar panels are as follows. You might also like the major advantages and  disadvantages to learn more about solar energy. 

Problems associated with solar panels are :

1. Hot spot on the solar panels 

Hot spot are the areas of high temperature that affects only one zone of the solar panel as a result localized efficiency decreases and the output also reduces.

2. Roof Issues

Roof problems can affect the installation of solar panels, if the roof is leaky or damaged they there will be difficulty installation process.

3. Micro cracks

Poor handling of solar cells during assembly may cause micro cracks which may reduces the efficiency of solar panels.

4. Birds

Solar energy is boon for the environment but it may affect the birds and wildlife. Birds collide with the large solar panels and also they get burned by the concentrated rays.

5. Snail trail contamination

Snail trails are discoloration of the solar panel which usually builds up over years of solar power production. Snail trail affect the photovoltaic and this will lead to production loss.

6. Wiring

Solar panel wiring during installation is complex.

7. PID Effect

Potential induced degradation  (PID), it is an undesirable effect on some solar modules. Heat, voltage and humidity may cause PID, it occurs on photovoltaic panels.

8. Inverter problem

Problem is caused by defect in system components other than solar panels. Battery not charging, Improper loading Array fuse short circuit, reverse polarity connection, excessively high reading on batter voltage are the common cause.

Electrical system problem, Loose or damaged roof tiles, Meter problems and Panel problems are the most common problems.