The common uses of solar energy

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Some of the common uses of solar energy in day to day life are discussed below. Solar energy is said to be a very clean, environment friendly and renewable source of energy. It can be directly converted into heat energy and indirectly into electricity. Also find out some advantages and disadvantages to know more about solar energy.

The popularity of solar energy usage is growing in various parts of the world. Governments of many countries are taking active part in promoting awareness as well as in encouraging the use of  solar energy. Let us find out what are the common uses of this amazing solar energy:

1. Generating Our Own Electricity

Wouldn’t it be great fun if you don’t have to depend on the government for your electricity or power needs but can generate it on your own? Even if you live in a remote location, you can still generate electricity without needing to connect to a power grid. 

Solar panels are used to convert sunlight into electricity, and solar thermal collectors are used to absorb solar energy for heating water. Solar power is non-polluting, free, and renewable. Solar power does not emit any greenhouse gases or harmful waste during electricity production. It reduces the dependency on fossil fuels, which affects the environment.

In many countries of the world, there are frequent power cuts, power surges which are experienced by people which depend on the state electricity provider. Moreover, the electricity charges are increased on regular basis. In many countries, power supply is not available in remote locations and small villages or towns. 

Even if there is power supply available, it is affected by frequent outages. By using solar panels, you can become independent and can generate your own power. However, there is a heavy initial cost for setting up the whole system once. After that, the system requires very little maintenance. So, over a long period of time, you can save a lot of money if you are willing to make the initial investment. It is said that you can save as much as 80% on your electricity bills by proper utilization of solar power.

2. Heating of Water

Instead of using gas water heaters or electric heaters, you can use solar heaters to heat water in your home. You can save a lot of money over the years by replacing your current water heating system with a solar powered one.

If you have swimming pool in your home, then this can be a great option. You can add a solar blanket to the swimming pool which will keep the water warm. Now all the family members and children can enjoy a dip in the pool regardless of whether the weather is hot or cold outside.

3. Outdoor Lighting

Another excellent application of solar energy is for outdoor lighting. Solar powered outdoor lighting can make your gardens look beautiful. There is a glowing effect associated with solar powered outdoor lighting, which can be perfect for a diffused sort of lighting for the front yard at night or for accent lighting. It is even ideal as a sort of security lighting at night so that you can clearly see the walkway. Solar panels generate electricity during the day which is stored in batteries which can provide light at night.

There are many other uses of solar energy, the above mentioned are just a few common applications of this kind of energy. You can also use solar power for cooling your homes. It can be used to power up different kinds of fans like ceiling or floor fans or exhaust fans etc.