Applications of Solar energy

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Some applications of solar energy are discussed below. Also check it out some advantages and disadvantages to know more about solar energy. 

Some Applications of Solar energy are :

1. Solar Cooking

Solar oven or solar cooker can be used to cook food, it does not require electricity but lots of sunlight. Solar energy is free, renewable energy source and do not pollute the environment.

2. Solar Water heating

Solar thermal collector is used to convert sunlight into heat for water heating, solar water heaters are cost effective and an effective way generate hot water.

3. Solar Heating and cooling of building

Solar heating and cooling (SCH) is a technology which collects thermal energy from the sun and uses it to provide space heating, pool heating, cooling of building and for commercial, residential and industrial applications.

4. Solar Green houses

It captures the light energy of sun and convert it into heat energy and store in it, green houses is used to keep warm weather and protects plants from suffering during the intense cold at night or in winter.

5. Solar Distillation of water

Solar energy is used to evaporate water and collects its condensate within the same closed system, Solar distillation can turn salt water or brackish water  into fresh desalination or drinking water unlike other forms of water purification.

6. Solar Power generation

Solar cells or photo voltaic cells are used to convert solar radiation directly in electricity. The power generation is known as solar thermal power generation which can stored and used in future. During the generation of electricity from solar energy, it does not contribute to adding greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Solar panels used during this process do not require any type of fossil fuel. Solar energy significantly decreases the emission of harmful air pollutants.

7. Solar water pumping

The photovoltaic system generates electricity which is used for running motor pump set. The water pumping system draws water from the bore well, open well , pond , canal or stream etc.,

8. Solar street lighting

Solar street lights are mounted on the lighting structure or integrated into the pole itself, Solar panels are used to charge rechargeable battery which powers a LED lamp or fluorescent during the night.

9. Solar swimming pool water heating

Solar pool heater are installed to heat the water using solar panels. They can significantly reduce the cost of electricity.

10. Solar Cold storage for preservation of food

It improves the storage quality and reduce the wastage of horticulture Produce, Solar cold storage unit is used to store flowers, fruits and vegetables. It is used for pre cooling and solar cold storage is also know for its hassle free performance.

11. Solar furnaces

They are usually used for industry, Solar furnace unit used concentrated solar power to generate high temperatures. Solar power can be used in many extraordinary ways and can be a viable solution to the power problems faced by many industries.

12. Solar air heating

Solar photo voltaic is used for Air heating for industrial and agricultural and industrial applications

13. Solar transportation

Solar charged vehicles are widespread and solar boats are available commercially. A vehicle powered is by solar energy , Photovoltaic cells contained in solar panels which converts the sun's energy into electric energy. Solar buses are also started for transportation.