Objectives of Solar Energy

Submitted by frndzzz on Wed, 07/07/2021 - 00:01

Some of the objectives of solar energy are discussed below. So let us check it out its objectives to know more about solar energy. It is clean, Sustainable and inexpensive. Solar energy do not cause pollution. Also check out the advantages and disadvantages to learn more about it. 

Objectives of Solar Energy :

1. To decrease the use of non renewable source of energy  

Solar energy is free source of energy which is sustainable and in exhaustible, it is non polluting and does not release any greenhouse gas, it is clean cheap and reliable, hence it will decrease and the consumption of non renewable energy resources.

2. Solar energy will solve the problem of global warming

Solar energy is a good way to diminish our dependency on fossil fuels. It has lower emission than other sources such as natural gas, petroleum or coal, solar energy will significantly reduce the global warming

3. Economical beneficial

Solar panels of photo voltaic panels will reduce your home dependence on the main energy grid which will lower your electricity bill, the excess amount of energy generated can also be sold to the utility company and make some money out of it. Solar energy saves money and protects against rising utility cost.

4. Multi applications

Drying clothes, Heating water, Lightning street lights, electricity generation etc.,

5. Improve the quality of life

Solar energy provides substantial benefits to our health, climate and economy. Solar power is an unlimited source of energy and do not cause pollution.

6. Energy saving 

Solar panels reduces the the amount of energy we use from the main grid, Solar batteries can keep your home powered at night. Solar panel saves energy and also reduced the amount of pollutants release every day.

7. To control environmental Pollution

Generation of electricity using solar energy will reduce the usage of fossil fuel and ultimately reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and pollution. Solar energy is a clean energy and do not cause air, water, noise or any type of pollution.

8. Reduce carbon foot print

Using clean form of energy such as solar energy will can reduce the demand of fossil fuels and limit the emission of greenhouse gases and ultimately shrink the carbon foot print.

9. Replace the use of fossil fuels

The solar energy is available in abundant quantity which can be used to generate or store energy which will decrease the consumption of fossil fuels

10. Reduce greenhouse gas emission

Solar energy is clean and do not cause pollution, it will replace the fossil fuels and will reduce greenhouse gas emission.