Advantages and disadvantages of Solar energy

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Advantages : Solar energy decreases the use of non renewable source of energy. Solar energy will solve the problem of global warming. It will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. 

1. Clean Energy

Solar energy is pollution free and causes no greenhouse gas emissions after installation. Solar power is non-polluting, clean, and CO2-free energy. When solar power is used to produce energy, no air pollution or water pollution is given off. It does not require the disposal of waste products or the transport of any type of fuel. Solar energy generates electricity very quietly, hence it can also be used in residential areas without causing any noise pollution.

2. Reduce electricity bill

When solar panels are installed at home, the energy from the sun is used to power the electricity and reduces the electricity bill. Solar system lowers the carbon foot print by lowering our electric bills. It saves money and utility bills.

3. Less or No maintenance for years

Solar energy installed at home has less or no moving parts which significantly decreases maintenance. The majority of solar panels installed now a days do not required lot of maintenance.

4. More solar energy in summer

Solar panels receive more sunlight in summer compared to winter. The longer days of summer allows solar panels to generate more solar power, which can stored and can be used when there is less availability of sunlight.

5. Can be stored in battery

When as solar battery is install as a part in solar panel, the excess amount of solar energy can be stored in solar battery. Rechargeable batteries can store electricity. Solar electricity can be stored for later use or sold to your power company

6. Solar energy is completely renewable source of energy

Solar energy is clean sustainable and free source of energy, it is inexhaustible unlike fossil fuels. It is most abundant renewable source of energy, humans have been harnessing the solar energy from many years.

7. Infinite and Free

 Energy generated from the sunlight is free and infinite. With the help of solar panels unlimited abundant or unlimited energy can be harnessed for free. Unlimited supply.

8. Cheap in the long run

The initial cost of installation is high, but in long run the cost of  energy production using solar panels is very much cheaper than coal or gas plants. There is no or very less maintenance cost unlike other energy source.

9. Environmentally friendly

Solar energy is renewable, clean and alternative to fossil fuel. Solar energy reduces carbon foot print and greenhouse gases all over the globe. Solar panels is much more environmentally friendly than other energy resources.

10. Reduces consumption of Fossil Fuels

Electricity generation from using solar panels instead of fossil fuels will reduce the green house gas emission, particularly carbon dioxide. By going solar, the demand of fossil fuels with ultimately decrease.

11. Reduces Consumption of greenhouse gases

Solar produce less green house gas emission compared to other conventional fossil fuel energy sources. The power generation from solar results in zero green house gas emission and zero environmental impact.

12. Solar cell operate in complete silence

Solar energy is a radiant heat and light from the sun that is harnessed using solar photovoltaic, solar heating and solar architecture. It operates in complete silence and do not emit polluting gases.

13. Long life time

The life span of a modern solar panel technology is far more than 20 years. Solar panels saves money over their lifetime. Renewable sources reduces cost of energy production.

14. Sustainable energy

Solar energy is clean alternative energy to fossil fuels, it is free source of energy that is totally in exhaustible and sustainable unlike fossil fuels that are finite.

15. No carbon footprint

By choosing solar, the demand of other non renewable such as fossil fuels reduces which limits emission of greenhouse gas emission and shrink carbon footprint.

16. Creates New Jobs

Renewable energy jobs are in great demand. Solar power industry alone generated double jobs than oil or coal industry. Electricians, solar photovoltaics installers and plumbers install residential and commercial solar projects. Team to handle entire project are also hired for big projects.

17. Can be used in remote areas

Initially is was very difficulty to provide electricity in remote areas, but using solar panels, affordable electricity service is provided to people living in remote or off-grid areas.

18. Solar energy does not cause pollution

When solar panels are used for energy production no air or water pollution is given off. It does not require disposal of waste products or transport of fuels.

19. Noise Free

Solar energy generates electricity very quietly so it can be used in residential areas without creating noise pollution.

20. Solar Power is Affordable

Initially the cost of installment is high but in long run the solar power is very much cheaper compared to other means. Solar cost continues to drop and deliver inexpensive energy with the advancement of technology.

21. Easy Installation

Solar panel can be easily mounted on the roof of the building to harness the solar energy. Solar panel installation is easy and takes little time to set up.

22. Can enhance value of home

Residential solar panels lowers expenses and increases the value or your home. After solar installation the property value may also increase.

23. Long lasting solar cells

Solar panels last quite longer than the warranty period, Some solar panels still produce energy after 25 years.

24. Multiple Uses

Heating water, generate electricity , Cooking, Solar street lights. Solar energy is used for multiple purpose in our daily life.

25. Conserves wildlife

Renewables are often know as "green energy", with renewable energy such as wind and solar , the consumption of energy increases. As a result destruction of forest decreases, wildlife can be conserved for longer period.

26. Saves water

Solar panels and wind turbines are responsible for very less amount of carbon dioxide compared to power plants that burn fossil fuels. Unlike other power plants, Solar energy does not require as much water.

27. Solar energy benefits society

Solar energy decreases dependence of fossil fuels. It is clean and pure energy from the sun. Installing solar panels at home reduces greenhouse gas emission.

28. Provides energy security

Renewable technologies can enhance the energy security in electricity generation, transportation and heat supply.

29. Technology development

Solar panels using the new technology were found to be more effective in converting sunlight.

Disadvantages :

1. Solar panels are expensive

The price of solar panels depends on the cost per watt. High upfront cost, Solar power is the cheapest way to power your property but solar panels are little bit expensive. DC equipment are expensive, Expensive battery.

2. Weather Dependent

Solar panels are dependent of the sunlight to effectively gather solar energy. Rainy or a few cloudy days may affect the energy system. Depends on  the environment. Cannot be harnessed in rainy season.

3. Uses lots of space

More solar panels you will need if you want to produce more electricity. Solar PV panels requires lots of space to install, some roofs are not big enough to fit the number of solar panels.

4. Cannot be generated all the time

Solar power cannot be harnessed during night, storm or on a cloudy day

5. Less solar energy in winter

Less sunlight available in winter and the days are shorter, so solar panels generally produce less energy in the winter than the summer. Energy consumption is comparatively less in winter.

6. Geographic location

Geography affect the potential of solar energy, because areas that are closer to equator have a great amount of solar radiation.

7. Requires other supplementary energies

Sometimes in order to generate electricity using solar panels, small amount of other supplementary energies may also needed.

8. Locations Sensitivity

The location of solar power is very much important to produce abundant amount of energy. Place where more exposure of sunlight is highly preferred. Reliability depends on availability of sunlight.

9. Other disadvantages

Old solar cell plant takes up large land area, Can damage fragile desert ecosystem, Storage and backup are necessary, Long procedure of installation, Requires good Solar exposure