Student Travel Insurance

Submitted by frndzzz on Sat, 06/26/2021 - 19:47

What is the need of Student Travel Insurance?

Although it may seem that there is no need for students to think about insurance, travelling without travel-insurance is quite risky no matter if one is a student or an individual with a full-time job. Unforeseen situations may happen, and these are the same no matter whether the subject is a student or not. Due to the fact that there is no insurance that fits to all needs, several types have been designed, and having a basic knowledge of these is essential for choosing the appropriate policy.

Single Trip Insurance

First of all, for students who visit a country or who go to a holiday once a year, the so-called “Single Trip Insurance may be the best choice. The coverage provided by this policy may last from 4 days up to 2 years, and there is an automatic protection for as much as 100 adventure sports, plus a winter sports coverage for seven days which is for free of charge.

The policy also provides 24/7 customer support that involves a multi-lingual helpline as well. One may choose between three coverage-levels: budget, standard as well as premier.

Annual Multi-trip Insurance

Second, Annual Multi-trip Insurance is a larger coverage as it does not contain limitations regarding the possible number of trips one can make per year. Two geographical areas may be chosen, either Europe or the worldwide category. There is an additional 21-days winter sports coverage which is free of charge. Just like the first type, this insurance also provides coverage for around 100 adventure sports and other dangerous activities, and it also has a multilingual customer service available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Specialist Travel Insurance

The third student travel insurance type known as “Specialist Travel Insurance” involves the opportunity for the insured to choose from various special options in order to suit the particular needs. The “winter sports coverage” refers to cross-country skiing, snowboarding as well as ice-skating. Additional options may be attached to this standard package, covering for instance bobsleighing, ice-climbing, big-foot skiing, glacier-crossing, hiking, tobogganing, and many others. There are, however, certain exclusions, such as ski-acrobatics, ski-jumping, ice-caving and ice-hockey.

The Specialist Travel Insurance category has the option of the “extreme sports coverage” that refers primarily to skiing and snowboarding. This option provides coverage for students’ medical expenses, and it also protects one’s equipment. Believe it or not, but it may involve compensation in case there is no snow. The sports-option is an extraordinary choice for those who go for bungee-jumping, horse-riding, or waters kiing, and kayaking or skydiving may also be attached to the previous sports.

Study Abroad Insurance

Fourth, students who intend to study abroad have an extraordinary option called “Study Abroad Insurance”. This flexible coverage may be very useful as it provides protection for the entire duration of the program. The policy may last for up to 12 months, and includes maximum three trips to one’s home country. Students may choose from two different types: standard or premier coverage. This policy covers for all the factors included in the single-trip policy. A policy when studying abroad should be a high priority as there is no guarantee that accident or any other unforeseen events will not happen, especially as we talk about international travels. 

Flight Only cover insurance

Finally, those students who need a flight-protection only should consider purchasing the insurance called “Flight only cover”. This does not provide insurance-cover for students’ destination, but it protects them only during the flight. It includes luggage-protection, as well as trip-cancellation and personal accident-coverage.

As a conclusion, it is important to note that one’s health and safety are the most important things when it comes to travelling. Therefore it is essential before a travel to get the right coverage, and this is even of greater urgency in case of students. This is because students may not have the needed financial resources in case an unforeseen event happens and they become obliged to pay the expenses related to such emergencies. Student Travel Insurance will give them the needed safety; students only need to choose the appropriate insurance-type that best fits their needs.