International Travel Insurance

Submitted by frndzzz on Sat, 06/26/2021 - 20:04

What is the need of International Travel Insurance?

It seems to be a common sense that for people travelling a lot, getting travel insurance is a must. This is even truer when it comes to travelling outside one’s domestic country. Although international travels are likely to provide travelers with a thrilling adventure, they might also involve some unpredictable and unpleasant situations. Therefore the International Travel Insurance is designed as a more complex policy than the regular travel insurance that takes into consideration the additional factors people travelling worldwide need to take care of. Which are these factors?

First of all, there is the risk of the traveller being injured or becoming ill during travelling outside their home country. In another country, the culture might be very different from one’s own culture, and the language and the medical system over there may differ a lot as well.

Moreover, if one does not have enough money to pay for the needed medical services, some serious problems may occur. Currency conversion may also present some severe difficulties. International Travel Insurance always secures travellers with coverage of the possibly occurring medical and other associated costs. This is vital as traditional medical insurance schemes are designed to protect the insured only inside one’s country of origin and not outside one’s home country, namely, they are not for international travels.

Second, the international travel insurance schemes are very flexible and diverse. Therefore one is very probable to find a plan that exactly fits to his/her needs. For instance, there are international travel insurances for 5 days only, if needed. This may be useful for instance, if one is sent to another country by one’s company. Similarly, there are special plans that may last for years, specially designed for those who are to travel a lot in the following 1-3 years. An additional option would be including additional insurance in the package, which is a possible for almost any kind of trip.

Third, talking about international travel insurance typology, one should know that besides the basic types, one is able to buy additional packages offering the options of Lost Baggage or Baggage/Travel Delay, Trip Cancellation, Medical or Emergency Evacuation, as well as Accidental Death Coverage. Some insurance plans also have the additional option of providing Collision/Damage coverage for cars rented during the international trip. Before applying, though, one is recommended to check the insurance-duplicates, not to end up paying twice for the same service.

Next, it is useful to know that the application procedure is quite easy. For those who have little time before leaving the home country (but not only), applying online would be an extra opportunity. This way, medical insurance for international travels becomes a real option, as it is very convenient to apply, and prices are not too high. The affordability of these insurance plans consists in providing the insured with medical costs coverage referring to both inpatients and outpatients as well as with emergency medical evacuation possibility. So for one price one gets a complete package of medical assistance as well as a 24/7 customer support.

There are only a few things that one needs to fill in when applying to international travel insurance online: the date of departure as well as the date of return (if a single travel needs to be covered only), the age, and the residence. Also, if there are any additional individual (such as one’s spouse or children) who is to be covered by the same insurance, this must be indicated as well.

Finally, it is obviously better to pay a small amount of money, but have the peace of mind of a complex coverage while working, travelling or studying abroad due to the international travel insurance. This way one does not need to worry about losing one’s luggage or other personal items. One is also covered for emergency situations, such as for cases when the insured needs to return to his/her home country earlier than it was planned. One is also covered for situations in case he/she requires hospitalization. But there is a wide range of risks against which international travel insurance provides coverage. So the before-mentioned factors are only a few of the many covered elements. The insurance company takes those risks so that the insured can have an enjoyable travel.