Business Insurance

Political Risk Insurance

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What is the need of Political Risk Insurance?

Among the many business insurance types available the one known as “Political Risk Insurance” (or in short, PRI) is the least known among businessmen, although this insurance-type becomes more and more popular today. This is a policy that may be purchased against such risks as revolution, terrorist attacks, or changes in political conditions that result in a loss related to the insured’s business.

People Insurance

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What is the need of People Insurance?

Talking about business in general, it seems to be obvious that the owner’s main responsibility refers to the employees working there. Therefore among the various business insurance types the one that protects employees is the most important. People Insurance as it is named provides a comprehensive health scheme to the workers as well as to the owner of the business by covering the possibly needed medical treatments.

Liability Insurance

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What is the need of Liability Insurance?

There are many cases when businessmen get into trouble due to improper practices, negligence, or other malpractices. One can even be prosecuted during such an incidence, and this would have very negative consequences both on one’s personal finances and on the financial performance of the business. Sometimes if a businessman is found liable and he/she does not have insurance, the sum of money he/she needs to pay is so enormous, that makes his/her life a nightmare. This is why Liability Insurance was designed.

Financial Loss Insurance

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What is the need of Financial Loss Insurance?

Business-insurance solutions intend to provide security to business-owners. For people who run a business it is crucial to have financial security, and it can be very useful to find some kind of financial loss solution. Financial Insurance may be the key-factor in this sense.

Business Insurance

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What is the need of Business Insurance?

In a wider sense, the term business insurance refers to the various coverage-categories available for owners in order to help them protect their business against losses. Moreover, such insurance can guarantee the business’ continuing operation.

In order for an owner to be able to choose the appropriate insurance product, a basic knowledge about business insurance is an absolute necessity.

Assets and Revenue Insurance

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What is the need of Assets and Revenue Insurance?

Among the so-called business-insurance types one of the most important is the Assets and Revenue Insurance that protects the assets and revenues belonging to a particular business. There are many options available for businessmen and knowing these is crucial in order to find the appropriate insurance-type for one’s business.

If people do not have any idea what the assets-insurance refers to, here is a list that can suggest why such an insurance-product may be helpful: