Advantages and disadvantages of Internet

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The internet allows people to connect, work, and collaborate with each other all over the world. There are various online channels that help people communicate with others around the world.

1. Faster communication

The internet is one of the powerful and fastest mode of communication. People can use email, messages, video calls, and various other means to communicate with each other using internet. 

2. Online School benefits 

The Internet helps students to attend their classes from any place in the world. Students can study from home with the help of the internet. The online school saves time and money. Students can give their exams online using the internet. 

3. Best source of education

The internet helps students to access information, study material and improves the quality of education. The Internet allows access to a better and wider range of information and resources

4. News updation

The internet helps people to access the latest news, pictures, videos, and special coverage reports. People can watch online news free of cost. They can see the news in real-time from all over the world. The internet helps to get the latest information and facts using online news channels. 

5. Internet marketing opportunities

The internet helps businesses to build a strong relationship with their customers. Online promotes the business or brand and its products or services using the internet. They can use paid ads or organic traffic to increase brand visibility and lead generation. The internet helps businesses to share information about their products or services with their potential prospects or customers. 

6. E-Commerce & Online Shopping

The internet helps consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller using a web browser. E-Commerce websites such as Amazon or eBay allow people to buy various products using the internet. The internet helps consumers to get information related to products or services. They can also check reviews and feedback before buying anything online.

7. Source of information

The internet helps people to get useful information using web pages, online resources, and documents available online. The Internet allows people to find the information they need for their work. Search engines such as Google, Bing allow people to access useful information with the help of the Internet. 

8. Creates Business Opportunities

The internet helps to start a successful online business. Online business is most profitable. One can start selling products or services using the internet, it saves money and time. This helps to promote business all over the world. The internet makes it easy to start a business, they can start promoting online using paid ads or using organic traffic to their websites. The internet helps to find information related to starting a business. 

9. Job seeking platform

The internet helps job seekers to find related jobs and career advice online. They can use an online job search portal like,, or to find proper jobs as per their expertise. The internet allows job seekers to find information about different companies where they can apply and share their resumes. The Internet also helps them to find information and interview questions to prepare for job interviews. 

10. Online Banking 

The internet helps customers to access net banking from their home, office, or any place where there is the availability of internet access. They can check balance, transfer funds easily with the help of online banking. The internet helps customers to get all information related to banking. 

11. Make Money on internet

The internet allows freelancers and students to make money online. They can make money by blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing, or completing different tasks. The Internet allows people to make money online. The internet helps to get information related to money-making ideas. They can read articles or watch videos to learn how to make money online. 

12. Advertising platform

The internet allows businesses to promote their products or services through digital marketing or online marketing. Buying and selling become easy because of the internet. It's now easy to show ads to grow a business using the internet network. Information can be shared easily through paid ads to increase sales. 

13. Global internet Branding

The internet helps businesses to promote the brand using search marketing, email marketing, rich media, social media, e-commerce, mobile content, and more. New products or services can be launched easily on the internet. The information related to products or services can be shared easily with the target prospect. 

14. Globalization

The internet has changed the business world. The internet helped companies to improve their competitive edge, The internet allows business to expand their business all over the world. The internet is the most visible aspect of globalization.

15. Virtual Storage

The internet helps to store virtual data, it becomes easy to store information on a cloud or online storage networks using the internet. One can store files, images,  data, videos, documents, and other virtual information on the internet which can be accessed from any place to anyone. 

16. Social Networking platform

The internet helps to connect friends, family, or peers using social networking platforms. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social networking platforms allows people to share their views. One can stay connected with another person with the help of internet vial social networking sites.

17. Entertainment 

The internet is one of the best mediums for entertainment. The internet allows people to play games, watch videos, chat with people, listen to songs, and other fun activities using online platforms

18. Internet helps in research activities

The Internet helps students in their studies, students can use the internet to search for relevant study material, Students can prepare for their exams, assignments, or prepare for quizzes. The Internet helps students to get information for research work.

Disadvantages of internet 

1. Online theft 

Theft of personal information such as credit card details, personal details by hackers who can misuse the data.

2. Spamming 

Spamming is one of the major disadvantages of the internet, spammers will send you wrong messages and they will try to loot your money. They will try to hack your computer and will change your password or encrypt your files. In return, they may ask for money. 

3. Virus threat

Hackers may release viruses on your computer by sending hidden applications and encrypting your files. The virus will change the permissions in your computer and won't allow you to use your computer properly. 

4. Hacking

Hackers may hack the websites and take control of the entire website. If government websites get hacked then they may steal all crucial information which is not good for the country. 

5. Internet addiction

Students and children and other people keep on watching videos, movies, playing games which is not good for the future. They keep on spending their time on social networking sites. They become addicted to the internet and do not make proper use of their time.